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Why Journal? How using a journal can help reduce stress and achieve goals.

We all have emotions. Emotions can make us feel sad, mad, upset, stressed or happy, excited, love. We basically have emotions at all times. It is what and how we use these emotions which will help us decide if we are going to live a happy life or a life full of stress, anger and disappointment.

Self Improvement -Change your way of thinking!

We are all stressed!
Let's face it. We all get stressed, we all get upset. It is a part of our daily lives. I would like to share you with some advice that I have received through my own life experience. These are things that I have learned and have changed my life for the better. Change does not come easy, and it does take time. But by implementing these things into our lives, we can become happier and live a little easier.
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What Makes A Relationship Strong?
I will start by saying without Fear there is no Courage. Fear is an important part of life and is what helps us to become strong and courageous people!
What makes a relationship strong? What is it that makes two people become so close? Believe it or not it is our fears. In many cases it is fears, worries and desires that bring people together. Working together through these things makes us stronger. Remember when you first started dating your current partner?
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Why We Should Always Forgive Others - Happiness Starts With Forgiveness.
Let go of anger and fear and bring peace to your heart
At some point in our lives we have been or will be angry with somebody else. A lot of times we have a right to be upset with somebody for the way they have treated us. It could be as small as words they used against us or as big as mental or physical abuse. No matter what somebody else has done to you, I am going to explain why it is essential to yourself that you forgive this person or these people. Carrying around hate and anger is not only unhealthy it can change the whole outcome of your life.
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Reasons to Stay Together - Keeping Your Love Alive
Falling in Love
So let’s say that you go to the supermarket and you give the cashier your money. She returns to you your change and there is a brand new shiny quarter mixed in with all of the old dingy coins. You are really excited. You have never had a brand new coin before. The color is amazing. There is not one scratch or mark on it. This coin is beautiful. You have never seen anything like it. You actually keep thinking about it and it becomes special to you. You feel it is superior to all those other worn out coins you have in your pocket or purse.
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Simple Steps to Reduce Stress - How to Live Stress Free
Importance of Mental Health
I know that most of us today are concerned with our physical health. We want to eat right, exercise and be in the best shape we can be. While being in good physical shape is important, we sometimes seem to forget about our Mental Health. Mental Health has a huge impact on our overall well being.
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Common Emotions After A Break up - Breakup Stages
We just broke up - Dealing with Emotions
Going through a breakup can be very difficult, emotional and stressful. Often we are filled with all these confusing feelings and wonder if what we are feeling is even normal. We tend to do crazy things that are out of the norm for us. For a while, we might even lose ourselves to emotion.
These emotions that we feel are normal and there is quite a process in letting go of a person we really loved.
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