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Monday, July 23, 2012

Click - Do Not Fast Forward Your Life

Live Life to The Fullest

There are many many movies that I have not seen, and every once in a while I will get into a movie kick and watch a bunch of movies. I usually go to the older ones first since they are new to me!

Yesterday I watched the movie Click with Adam Sandler. The reason why I am writing about it today is because though it is a comedy it had a very valuable lesson and it made me think about things.

Adam Sandler is a family man with a wife and two kids. He is very dedicated to his job and loves his family very much. He is very conflicted because his family is wanting to spend time with him but his job is requiring him to be gone most of the time and when he is home he has work to do. His wife is feeling as though he is very distant and the kids are complaining about all the promises he has made but has not fulfilled.

His house is filled with remote controls that control various things. One for the TV one for the garage, toys, fans etc.. He is always picking up the wrong remote and getting frustrated. Nothing is going the way he wants.

He decides to go to the store to buy a universal remote. He feels he needs some kind of simplicity in his life. One less aggravation. (I am not going to add all details in case you have not seen it). He goes into the back room of the store because he is looking for some help in finding the remote and he runs into an employee. He is offered this really cool remote.

So basically what happens is, he finds out that this remote controls his life. He can rewind to past experiences, fast forward through things he finds unpleasant, pause etc. At first he is very excited because he gets to really control his life. He can skip through all the bad things and mute out all of the unwanted noise.

So of course when things started to go wrong in his life he would just skip through it. Cool right? Well what do you think would happen if you could skip time and arrive at a place where you think you want to be? You lose time. You lose lessons, experience, happiness, achievement and much more.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress

Simple Stress Reducing Tips

Self Improve

We often wonder what we could do to help us live a happier, less stressful life. While there is not a magic solution we can buy at the store, there are little things that we can do daily to help us achieve this goal.  

1. Smile - If we smile we will feel happy. Even if we are sad. It helps to change our mood. If people around us see us smiling they will smile also. It is contagious. Spread a smile.

2. Get Fit - No we do not have to build huge muscles and obsess about creating the "perfect" body, but when do good things for ourselves, it helps to build confidence and self esteem. Just knowing that we are making a small change in our lifestyle can make a huge difference. Talk a daily walk, take an aerobic class, choose whatever it is you like.

3. Get plenty of sleep - Our body heals our mind and body as we sleep. It is essential to our health that we rest ourselves. Sleeping can also help us to maintain a healthy body weight.

4. Learn how to forgive others - Forgiving others is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. If we do not carry around anger and/or disappointment towards another then we will not feel that stress. Having ill feelings can cause us a lot of unnecessary stress. Learn how to deal with negative emotions and move on from any bad feelings that you may be carrying around.

5. Reward yourself - Yes, go out and buy that thing you have been wanting. No please do not buy a $100,000 car if you cannot afford it, but do go buy that purse you have been wanting or that movie you had your eye on. It is important to save our money and spend wisely, but if you never reward yourself for all the work you do then you start to feel like; What is the point?

In this article it will explain in detail lots of things that you can do to help reduce the stress and how easy it is to start enjoying your life.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why Journal - Inspirational Pictures

Inspirational Pictures of Hope, Love and Faith to help get you in a good mood!

I have searched the internet and found some uplifting and inspirational pictures. Hope you find these comforting and helpful! Pictures on hope, love, quotes, spirituality and more.

Pictures can be worth a thousand words, and sometimes we can use them to lift us up, inspire us and to express our emotions.

** Please note that I have acquired these photos on the internet and they are not mine.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Why Journal - How to be Yourself-Self Help-Lesson #12

How to be yourself - Why it is important to be yourself.

This lesson goes hand in hand with lesson #11 - Having confidence. If you read that post, you would have read about feeling confident on the inside to show confidence on the outside, but this will go a little deeper. 

I believe that many of us just want to be accepted. We figure that if we act or behave a certain way then we will attract certain people. While this is true, if you study the behavior of a person and try to change yourself to be accepted by this person or group of people you will often find yourself unhappy in the end. 

I have a young child and she sometimes will watch movies about teenagers that are trying to fit in and be accepted by the "popular" group. The teenager will try and try to befriend this group and find that once they do, they are not happy at all. They will go through all the trouble to wear things they normally would not, go places they normally would not go, do things they normally would not do. But in the end they find that they really have nothing in common with these people after all. It usually turns out that he/she will go back to the friends they had. The ones who always stood by them and shared the same goals and dreams as they did.

The moral of my story is that while we should always try to work on ourselves to be the best that we can be, we should also be true to ourselves. Life is not about being in the "popular" group, especially if that group is not going to make you happy. Life is about being around people who you love and who love you back no matter what. 

Sometimes we tend to think that other people have it so much better than we do. We want what they have. But do we really? We have no clue on what goes on with other people on the inside or at home or in a relationship. We need to learn how to accept ourselves and be who we are. 

If we were all the same, if we were all friends, then there would not be any "special" relationships in the world. It would be so boring if everybody liked the same things. That is why we are so special. We are different.

So how can we be ourselves?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why Journal - Self Help Lesson#11-Showing Confidence

Love Yourself - Think confident and you will be confident

Caring about what other people think

Most of us have a problem with something about ourselves. It might be our frizzy hair, crooked teeth, big butt or whatever. We often allow these things to keep us from being who we really are, scared as to what other people might think or say about us. We will try to do what we can to hide that part of us, trying to cover it up so other people do not notice. Sometimes when we are not confident, it will cause us to shy away from social situations or even prevent us from excelling at what we are good at. 

Think about it, are you the type of person who always tries to stay out of the center of attention when in large groups or when you are around people you do not know, but when you are with your close friends and family you are totally outgoing and able to act yourself? When we are with people who we know care about us, we are free to be ourselves because we know we will not be judged and we understand that these people really know us for who we are, not for the huge zit on the middle of our face or the scar on our arm. Well we need to understand that every single person has something. Something that they do not like about themselves. But the difference between a confident person and a person lacking confidence is that the person with confidence has learned to except about themselves what they do not like. The way they think about it is, I am a person just like you, who is not perfect. If you do not like me for who I am, then I do not need to associate with you anyway. Would you really want to be friends or date a person who is so shallow that they dislike people for what they look like, and not who they are as a person? I know I would not like to be friends with a person like that.

Confidence in relationships

You will find this true in relationships as well. When you first meet a person, the first couple of months you are dating it is all about looking our best. Being funny and pleasing the other person. We want to make sure that we are "perfect". We want the other person to believe that we are confident and happy. We will try to hide all of our flaws so the other person does not see any of that. Of course I am not saying that we should not go out of our way to impress the people we are dating, I am not saying that we should not try to look our best and show our best personality. But the fact of the matter is, after we let our flaws out is when we feel most confident. After that initial "perfection" period is over and we can wake up in our sweat pants and with our frizzy hair and know that the person laying next to us loves us for who we are, not for what we look like is when we feel our best, that is when we feel safe and confident.

A lot of people tend to think that when we get to this point of a relationship, that the relationship is dying. That could not be further from the truth. It is when the actual relationship is starting. Of course we want to be attracted to our partner. And we do not want to get lazy or stop trying to impress the other person, but when you can be as sick as dog, look like you just got hit by a bus and then punched in the eye and your partner is still standing next to you telling you that you look wonderful, that is when we feel confident! That is when we know that this person loves us for who we are, not for what we look like!

Why we judge other people

Judging other people is a big sign of lack of confidence. We tend to talk down about other people and try to find flaws in others in order to justify the way we feel about ourselves. Usually when you find a person who is constantly talking down about other people, they have a deep issue. By finding things wrong with other people, it helps them to feel superior. They need justification for their imperfection. There is no need for us to be like that. 

The truth is that if we feel good about ourselves then that will shine through in our personalities. Not all of us are extremely social, and that is ok, but having confidence does not mean that it will change us into somebody that we are not, but it will allow us to be who we are without the fear of judgement from others. I know that you probably have heard this a million times, but in order for others to love you, you have to love yourself. 

How we feel on the inside

There are plenty of extra beautiful women and men out their who on the outside look amazing, but are lonely.  And then there are people who are your average Jane/John who are extremely happy, have a life full of friends and who always have dates. Why or how you wonder? It is all about how you feel on the inside. If you feel happy, you will act happy. If you feel beautiful others will see you as beautiful, but on the other hand, if you feel sad, people will see you as sad, if you feel ugly, people will see you as ugly. No matter what we look like on the outside, the inside always prevails.

A great example of this would be "famous people".  Most actors, actresses, singers etc. are good looking people. Or at least they pay to be good looking people. The pressure on these people is tremendous. They are expected to look good, always. And when they are caught being normal, it is posted all over the internet. They are expected to always be confident and look perfect. That is just not possible. So what if Jennifer Lopez went to the store without her makeup on. Big deal. Does she really have to spend an hour in the mirror prior to getting a coffee? That is just not fair. She is a person just like you and me. We wonder, why do these people who are so beautiful and who are rich, who have everything that they could ever want and dream of get so messed up? Why do they have all of these failed relationships? Why?  It is because they have to always care about what other people think. They have to play a role and live up to a certain standard because they are a celebrity. Guess what everyone, these people are human. They have issues just like the rest of us. They lack confidence at times also, but they are not suppose to show it. How hard do you think that is?  Most of the time they cannot be themselves, which does the opposite of giving confidence, it makes you lose confidence. So before we judge these people we should try to remember that on the inside they are made up of the same stuff we are. 

Accept yourself for who you are

So if you do not like something about yourself, remember that is ok. That is normal. But accept it. Let people see you for who you are, not for your flaws. Tell yourself everyday that I am beautiful inside and out. Just like the hot dog at the top of the page, tell yourself you are awesome! My outside does not make my inside, but my inside does make my outside! We are what we think we are. It really does not matter what other people think, what matters is what you think. If you think you are special people will agree with you!