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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why Journal-Self help lesson#9-Accept Failure

Accepting Failure to Achieve Goals

Failing is how we grow

Nobody likes to fail and when we do we often get down on ourselves, feel bad or discouraged. Well I guess you can say we feel like a failure. But we have to fail in life. We can't accomplish everything every time. 

Failing is how we grow, how we make ourselves stronger. Every time we fail we learn something new. It should actually give us motivation to pick ourselves back up and try again. I know that can be extremely frustrating when we have tried something for a long time, but still seem like we are getting nowhere.

I say, do not get discouraged! Keep trying. Or change your plan a little. Start with a goal that is easy to reach. Then little by little try expanding your thoughts, try figuring out new ways to get to the place that you want to be. 

Write down your goals - Keep a journal

In other posts that I have written, I speak about writing out your goals, plans and dreams in a journal. It does help a lot. It will give you a written plan to follow, a guide. You can record what you are doing and your ideas. When you have new ideas, jot them down. Maybe it will be something you could use in the future. It will also help you to figure out any obstacles that are in your way or what things that you may be doing that are not working.

Sometimes our goals and dreams are ahead of us. That is another reason to write it down. Maybe your goal is not something that you can accomplish today, but maybe in the future you will be in the right situation to do it. 

Never give up

It is important to have the support from the people around you. It is nice to share goals and dreams with others, but there will be times in our lives that it seems as though nobody agrees, or nobody is giving you the support you need. Even if your goals and dreams seem impossible to others, do not make that a reason to give up. It should just give you more motivation to show others than you can do what you put your mind to!
Photo: "Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illumines it."  Martin Luther King, Jr.-j-

Control your emotions

I know we are human and we will always have emotions. But what is important is what we do with those emotions. Instead of letting them prevent us from getting back up, instead of letting them keep us in bed for days and days with ice cream and cookies, let them make us stronger. Realize that though you are feeling bad you will live, your life will move on. You will be able to try again and you had the power to get back up on your feet! I have been there, believe me. There were times in my life when something happened and I could not get myself straight. I do not mean for a day or a week or even a month. For months at a time I have let things keep me down. Looking back now, I think about all the time I wasted. All the negative energy it took to be upset I could have been using to do something productive and positive. It really takes as much energy or maybe even more energy to be upset then it does to be happy. But I have learned to change the way I think. I have learned that dwelling on the past is not going to bring happiness to my future. 

Have faith

What I have now is Faith. I believe that what I desire will come to me. With work of course. And I try to use my valuable time to accept my failures and look forward to my successes.

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